Clock Repairs & Servicing 

Based in Dorking we offer a complete service for all clocks including overhaul, repair and servicing and can even take on projects to repair or restore the case of your beloved timepiece 

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Leave it to the experts 

We at Melorium understand how important a clock is to its owner, often having been passed down the family for generations or perhaps just a prized possession. We take great care of your clock while it is with us. 
The starting point for any repair or service is a discussion with you about the clock, its history and what you know about what repairs or servicing it has had in the past. 
During the service your clock will be carefully disassembled and cleaned prior to a full inspection of all parts for wear or damage. All pivots and bearing will be carefully inspected and polished and burnished as required. The movement will then be reassembled, regulated electronically and then regulated manually normally over a 3-week period. 

Clock Servicing Prices 

Grandfather clock up to 1800 from* £350.00 
Grandfather clock 1800 onwards £320.00 
Vienna Regulator (Time Only – 1 winding hole) £175.00 
Vienna Regulator (Strike – 2 winding holes) £220.00 
Mantle/Table (Time Only – 1 winding hole) £160.00 
Mantle/Table (Strike – 2 winding holes) £200.00 
Mantle/Table (1/4 Chiming – 3 winding holes) £260.00 
Carriage Clocks £180.00 
Carriage Clocks (Chiming) £220.00 
Single Fusee Wall Clock £200.00 
Single Fusee Bracket Clock £200.00 
Twin Fusee Bracket Clock £260.00 
Triple Fusee Bracket Clock from ** £350.00 
Cuckoo Clock (Simple) £150.00 
Cuckoo Clock (Complex) £300.00 
400 Day Clock £200.00 
Pocket Watch*** £150.00 
Replacement Quartz Movement (standard) £40.00 
Replacement Quartz Movement (Non-standard) POA 
Prices are only shown as a guide and all clocks will be quoted individually from either a photograph or actually seeing the clock. 
Should any issues be found once the clock has been dismantled which requires additional work this will be quoted prior to the work being carried out. 
All our services are covered by our full 12-month warranty. 
During the service the mainspring(s) will be inspected and lubricated, should the spring look like it needs replacing you will be advised. However, it is often not possible to tell whether the springs are going the break within the warranty period. Therefore, mainsprings are not included in the warranty, nor is any damage caused to the movement from their breakage. 
If the history of the clock is not known in terms of when and how often it has been serviced it is often advisable to have the mainspring(s) replaced. Damage caused by a mainspring breakage can be expensive to repair. 
Replacement of a mainspring during a service is an additional cost price per application. 
We can also offer a pick-up and delivery service for a small nominal fee 
Call us: 07961 123 799 
* An assessment of the condition of the clock will be made and therefore an estimate will be given at time of inspection. 
** Ditto 
*** Depends on type and complexity 

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